#1 Skip the Stores
Gone are the days when you have to maneuver massive crowds at the mall or stand in line for 2 hours just to get that hot holiday toy for the season! Let’s face it! We live in a digital era where everything can be shipped directly to our door! Use that to your advantage and start adding to cart and checking off your list! Shop online and support small businesses when you can!

#2 Have a Plan
Do you have a system for buying gifts? One system that has really worked for us is planning ahead. When I was a young mom, I would just buy little silly things and random gifts until I discovered a better way! As one kid turned into 3, we needed to have a better plan on what we were getting our kids and try to make it somewhat even. First, they of course get that one gift from Santa. Then they get three gifts from Mom & Dad. Baby Jesus got three gifts, so it was an easy number to come up with. We typically buy them something they want, something they need, and something to wear. It’s been working out beautifully and makes my life as the shopper so much easier! In addition, we have some fun family traditions like new pjs on Christmas Eve, a new ornament for the tree, and a family gift for all to enjoy… usually a fun family game or something that requires family bonding!

#2 Get Their Wishlist
Who really wants to unwrap a giant pink bunny pajama set Christmas morning?! Not Me! Don’t make the mistake of guessing what your loved ones really want! A great way to know is to 1) ASK! Get their list of favorites or hopeful wishes this year! 2) DO SOME HOMEWORK Guess what my husband did last year? I woke up to a gorgeous Apple watch under the tree and was completely surprised that he got me the very thing I wanted! But I had never told him!! Turns out he asked my friend to call me and and ask what she should ask for for Christmas this year (I remember the call). She was sneaky and spinned it perfectly! You will win some major points if you figure out how to give your loved ones what they want and still have it be a surprise!

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