Are you looking for a fun way to earn extra income on the side, or are you looking for a new career opportunity with flexible hours? Whether you are a student, business woman, personal trainer or busy mom on the go, Zyia Active can offer you a unique opportunity to start your own business. Come check it out! You never know, maybe Zyia is the perfect fit in YOUR life!


ZYIA Active is a Direct Sales company that launched in February 2017. It is an active lifestyle brand, offering premium fitness wear and athleisure apparel for women, men and children. ZYIA was founded by women and strongly believes in empowering and uplifting each other.

ZYIA advocates working hard for what you want – but also believes that work should be fun and rewarding. The company is made up of Independent Representatives, like me, who share and promote the brands product and message. ZYIA’s pay-plan was developed to provide the most financial success possible from the ground level. The growth structure is designed around teamwork, allowing anyone who is brand new to this type of business the same chance at success as those who started when the company launched. But a team is NOT required to to be successful. 

ZYIA’s activewear collection is designed with styles, colors and patterns that are on trend with today’s market. All pieces of the line are made from top quality materials – designed for high-level fitness performance and everyday comfort. Strategic and thoughtful placement of seams, colors, zippers and hems create flattering and slimming clothing that you’ll not just wear for working out — I promise.

ZYIA is taking the activewear market by storm, often referred to as “the affordable version of Lululemon or Lorna Jane.” The brand launches new products every Wednesday, so the collection is always up to date with seasonal looks and styles. Here is a video better explaining what we do as Zyia Active Reps!

8 Questions  Answered

1) What does it cost to get started and how do I sign up?

To be a ZYIA Active Rep, you must purchase a starter kit. In the US, a starter Kits cost $295 and include 5 “Staple Items” PLUS  a $100 Gift Card to purchase the ZYIA items you love most! In Canada, a starter kit costs $395 and also includes 5 “Staple Items” PLUS  a $135 Gift Card to purchase additional ZYIA items.

≫ Sign up in the US here: JOIN NOW

≫ Sign up in Canada here: JOIN NOW

2) What comes in the starter kits?

In addition to the $100 US/$135 CAD Electronic Gift Card, Starter Kit “Staple Items” include 5 of our best selling items (which can consist of any combination of leggings, bras, joggers, tanks, jackets, and hats), you also get $50 in business tools, 2 months FREE of the Virtual Office (your custom website), Catalogues, Starter Guide, Order Forms, Brochures, Zyia Stickers, and ME as your mentor. The kit is always changing with inventory. 

≫ For more detailed information on the current starter kit, contact me here: CONTACT ME TODAY

3) How quickly can I get started and how long does it take to make back the cost of the starter kit?

As soon as you purchase the starter kit, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to setup your personal website. This took me about 10 minutes. After that, you’re ready to start selling! I made back the initial starter kit cost and more within one month! This can vary from rep to rep, but with one party or some online sales, your initial investment can easily be recouped. I personally will be in contact after enrollment as well. 

4) Do I get a discount on products?
YES!  All reps get 25% off ZYIA products!
5) How do I make money and how much commission do I make?

Commission is made from every sale that goes through your personal website. The more you sell, the more you make. Some people choose to do parties (both online and in person), others choose to market through social media. Either way works – whatever generates the most traffic to your site resulting in sales! It is your business, so you get to run it as you wish. I am here to guide you and provide suggestions along your journey. 

Commission starts at 20% and goes up from there. Commission and overrides increase with sales and rank advances and there is no income cap.  I have never made less than 28% and ZYIA Active frequently adds bonuses and increases commissions, occasionally even doubling commissions. There are always monthly incentives and goals resulting in opportunities for more income!

6) Is this a Direct Sales company?

Yes, ZYIA Active uses a direct sales buisness model and marketing strategy. However, it’s up to you whether or not you want to run your business this way. If you decide you’re happy being a rep and choose to simply sell clothes and collect commission, that’s fine. If you choose to grow your business and increase revenue by adding team members, you will receive rank advancements and more commission. Totally up to you!

7) Do I have to carry inventory?

NO! This is a huge benefit for ZYIA Active reps. Unlike other companies such as Lularoe, reps do NOT have to keep inventory, requiring large startup costs and having to personally ship orders to customers. If you want to keep inventory and sell using that business model, you can – but it’s not required.

8) What's the best way to market myself and sell Zyia Active?

This varies from rep to rep and what works best for your lifestyle. For me, I make most of my sales online – using Instagram and Facebook to promote and sell. Others use parties and/or in-person events such as trade shows and expos. I recommend using all these avenues to maximize your exposure and sales. But again, totally up to you on how you choose to run your business and manage your time. After all, that’s what makes working for yourself and running your own business so amazing!

More questions? Or are you ready to JOIN TODAY and be the next Zyia rep in YOUR area? 

Why enroll with me?

≫ First of all, I am obsessed with this business and it is my #1 priority to mentor you to be as successful as possible. We are also part of the fastest growing team at ZYIA Active. Our team has the leading number of upper level ranked reps within ZYIA and collectively generates over $5-million in sales each month. EACH MONTH!

≫ I understand the ZYIA biz and have developed a seamless training program to help successfully kickstart and maintain your ZYIA business.

≫ My WHY is YOU! I thrive on helping others and love watching them succeed. Which makes me want to lead and love you with my whole heart.


  • Promote, sell and wear premium activewear

  • Work from home and make your own hours 

  • Low start-up cost to run your own business

  • Work within a community of like minded individuals
    that value health, wellness and an active lifestyle


  • Team Trainings & Business Tools

  • Discounted Activewear

  • Promotions & Bonuses

  • Residual Income

  • Incentive Trips