Bring it! 2020 Mini-Summit Wrap-Up

What is there to say about an event held in the wake of a natural disaster-that still managed to bring Light and Love to the city of Nashville? In a word-it was magical.

Not only did the energy and enthusiasm buoy everyone’s spirits, but we were able to come together as a community to raise money for those in need. Together, Zyia Active reps raised money for the Nashville recovery effort and for the children of Kenya. We can’t think of a better way to have spent a weekend.

  • 1,000 Mini-Summit Attendees.
  • $1,300 Raised for Kenya Keys.
  • $1,000 X 2 (and counting!) raised for Hands On Nashville*.

*Zyia Active is matching every dollar donated for the Nashville recovery. Simply amazing!

At summit we launched a new video better explaining what we do as Zyia Active reps! Check it out. Your’s truly may or may not have a spot in the video! 🙂


One of the best quotes from summit was from our CEO and Founder Erin Bradley, and I had to share it. “The “IT” you bring when you “Bring It!” is simply your Individual Touch. We all have something unique to give to the world and a special way of running our own businesses. More than anything, we want you to have faith in yourself and the courage to step into your purpose. Zyia can be so much more than clothing or extra income. For many of us, it’s been our path to building confidence, discovering our voice, and finding our place in the world.”

Maybe you have been missing something in your life, you just haven’t been able to pin point it yet. If your life could use more community, more activity, more income, or more recognition, Zyia Active might be exactly what you’re missing. Find out what makes us different and how our community is changing the face of fitness for thousands. I would love to help you find your WHY and discover your greater purpose. You can find more information and contact me HERE.

All the best,

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